Honouring 16-year-old Nick Prinsloo who died of cancer.


Willie and Nicolle Prinsloo had to lay their 16-year old son, Nick to rest last Thursday. Willie, Nicole, Nick’s 14-year old sister, Jayda and everyone around them, were rooting for Nick, every step of the way, for a long, painful 13 months. The Prinsloo family’s church and school community rallied around them: praying, helping, encouraging, supporting and raising funds needed to give Nick the best medical chance possible.

Nick was only 15-years old when, one Sunday evening in early September 2018, he complained of stomach cramps. After a visit to the doctor, tests and a biopsy, the shocking diagnosis followed swiftly the lump in his stomach was a very rare form of cancer termed "desmoplastic round cell tumours”. Nick’s aggressive chemo started on 25 September, but the lump doubled in size. In February 2019, Nick’s spleen, a part of his pancreas and 15cm of his colon were removed during a complicated 10-hour operation. Nick recovered and the fight continued.

On 8 October 2019, at the tender age of 16, Nick Prinsloo passed away. Now, his family and all who loved and cared for him are left to deal with a life without Nick. For his family, this also means trying to recover from the immense financial burden his treatment brought with it. The reality is, the funeral costs are a huge burden and then there are the R123 000,00 in outstanding medical bills that need to be paid.

As much as we cannot make up for the loss of their child, Good Morning Angels will do all we can to relieve the Prinsloo family of this financial burden.