RTT 2020 is here! Buckle up, get your popcorn ready, because the cast from the past is going to put up a show.

RTT 2020 - Days of Future Past!

Digital Show Date

Why Round Table Theatre - Videos

Honouring Nick Prinsloo 12:30
Supporting the Prinsloo family after losing Nick, aged 16, to cancer.
Stand against rape & violence 14:31
Round Table joins the Good Morning Angels in supporting rape survivor Leilani's Long Walk to overcome, empower, support and inspire
Vaughn's insulin pump 06:41
Good Morning Angels: Diabetic 13-year-old needs a new life saving insulin pump
Tragic loss of life 07:29
Good Morning Angels: Help for Centurion grandmother who lost husband, daughter and granddaughter in fire
Show Photos
Many incredible memories on stage throughout the years. Check out some crazy photos below.

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